Anecdotes of Ages

Discover how an unforgettable trip to The Macallan Estate inspired the latest work by renowned British pop artist Sir Peter Blake.

Decades in the Making

For those unfamiliar with Sir Peter Blake’s partnership with The Macallan, it may seem unexpected. But for nearly 40 years, the pairing has resulted in a creative collaboration unlike any other. In fact, The Macallan and Blake have now partnered three times on creative executions for the brand. “The Macallan holds a deep appreciation for the time it takes to nurture and protect heritage—as well as the desire to produce iconic and legendary pieces,” says Sarah Burgess, Lead Whisky Maker at The Macallan. “This alignment of our values makes the partnership with Sir Peter Blake a natural fit.”

Creative Exploration on the Shores of River Spey

For their latest collaboration, Sir Peter Blake has created 13 original collages to adorn The Macallan’s Anecdotes of Ages Collection. Each work of art is influenced directly by Blake’s exploration of The Macallan Estate, the people who have built the brand into what it is today, and the rich legacy attached to every bottle of the liquid. “The new distillery is a sensational building,” Blake says. “And it was fascinating to watch Sarah work. It was as mysterious as me making a collage. It was like being an artist.”

A Shared Journey

“When we started talking about this collaboration, we didn’t have a plan in place for what kind of whisky we were going to create, or what the final artwork would look like,” Burgess reveals. “So Sir Peter Blake and I were able to work in tandem to pull inspiration from each other to create something truly phenomenal.”

Spirited Creations

“When you look at Sir Peter Blake’s collage artwork, it tells you a story, and then you can look again, and there’s something different that you see each time,” Burgess says. “When I was creating the whisky for this collection, I wanted that spirit carried through. At its foundation, the liquid has the traditional Macallan flavor profile of dried fruit, fig, cinnamon, clove and oak, but when you taste again, highlights of hazelnut, strawberry and chocolate come into play for something more unusual.”

A Celebration of People and Place

“My creative process is like a ladder, first starting with inspiration gathering, then thoughtful consideration and finally creation,” Sir Peter Blake says. The 13 collages that resulted from the artist’s recent trip are an homage to the people (like former distillery owner Roderick Kemp), the places (such as the Macallan Churchyard Mausoleum) and even the animals that make the estate in Northern Scotland—and the liquid produced there—so special.

Life in a Label

With names like A Licence to Distil and The Giant and the Fish, the artwork flanking each bottle of the Anecdotes of Ages Collection is a cheeky homage to the heritage and heart of The Macallan. The 1967 whisky within the vessels was chosen not only for its “distinctly colorful character,” Burgess says, but also because the year represents the era Sir Peter Blake’s collage style became synonymous with pop culture.

Immerse Yourself in the Collection

For the first time ever, take a virtual step inside Sir Peter Blake’s studio and explore every facet of the Anecdotes of Ages Collection. Each of the 13 bottles is also on display in this digital experience, with an interactive gallery that allows you to dive even deeper into each collage’s complex story and inspiration.